Monday, December 25, 2006


Today Shari and I celebrated with a little run along the cliffs from our house on pleasure point down to Capitola where we hit the stairs for a few sprints. It was more of a casual workout where we didn't push to hard and just had a lot of fun being with eachother and enjoying another beautifull day in our awesome town. I love Shari more than anything on earth and my life has never been as great as it is now with her in it. I wanted to post the picture that had us both in it but she beat me to it. She blogs way better than me......along with tons of other things. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Nasty triplets

Whats up killers?

My workout cycles are Mon-Tues-Weds on Thurs off Fri on and Sat and Sun off. Sometimes if I am to worked for three in a row I take off Wednesday and Hit it up on Thursday and Friday. I have tried many different patterns and I like this one the best. I love to train as hard as I can and put everything I have into it everytime and this system has helped allow me to do that.

I am putting together a crossfit santa cruz clothing line with Brian Kilpatrick who is a friend of mine AND the art director of Oneill surf INC. He is designing some sick artwork and we are both working hard to release the first line of mens and womens apparel and accessories. We will have both workout and casual items with lots of great new crossfit art printed on them. The styles will be flattering and functional.

OK here is a cool workout I did yesterday.....

single arm dumbell snatch-5 Left (80lbs) I should have gone heavier!!!
single arm dumbell snatch-5 right (80lbs)
handstand pushups-5
rope climb-2x 15ft rope(don't touch ground untill both are done)

5 rounds for time

10:30 for me. How bout you? Posted by Picasa