Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This one hurt!!!

I did the WOD from a couple days ago.

15 deads at 225
5 rope climbs
12 deads
4 rope climbs
9 deads
3 rope climbs
6 deads
2 rope climbs
3 deads
1 rope climb....OUCH

This is what I looked like after. My time was 9:30. The day after I did 100 squats holding a 28lb med ball followed imediatley by 3 rope climbs where the feet are not allowed to touch the ground untill all three are complete and this is
repeated 3x with each interval being timed seperatley. My scores were 3:23-3:35-3:02. I think I won't climb the rope again this week but who knows. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season and still training hard. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I train the 9am classes at crossfit HQ with Annie so every once in awhile one of us takes the hour off to train with the group. We were both very uncreative and just went ahead and issued the WOD from crossfits main site. Which was....

25 airsquats
10 dead hang pullups
10 ring dips...

how many rounds in twenty min?

I did 7 1/2.

Shari worked out with me today. I fucking love that. Posted by Picasa

Old skool flava

Whats up all you crossfit junkies, I haven't blogged in a while but I have still been training hard as fuck. Hope everyone has been doing the same.

Today looked like this here.....

warm up
30 sec of wall ball-30 sec rest
60 sec of wall ball-60sec rest
90 sec of wall ball-90 sec rest
120 sec wall ball-120 rest
used a 20lb medicine ball and ended up getting 165 wall balls total.

Afterwards I spent about 5 min stretching actively with a dowel.

My workout was...

How many rounds can you complete in 20 min of...

2 rope climbs (15 ft. rope)
20 walking lunges
10 power clean and jerks( 95lbs).

I did 6 rounds plus 5 clean & jerks short of a 7th. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another day at X-fit

I got to workout with my Baby today. I love that. She wrote down the workout on her blog at sharibaby2.blogspot.com but here it is from me.

1 mile bike sprint-(Real sprint on a hard ass gear)
30 box jump(24 inch box)
30 kettlebell swings (70lb kb)

rest 3 min

1 mile bike sprint
15 ring muscle ups

rest 3 min

1 mile bike sprint
30 box jumps
30 kettlebell swings

Off to Frisco today to Coach ex olympic skier Eva Twardokens during her 1st olympic lifting competition. She has been training hard for this event which if she gets her openers will qualify her for more major competitions. Shari was going to run in the Mt. Diablo race today but her Son came down with Strep and needs mommy. Not only is She an amazing girlfriend She is an even more amazing Mom. The most unselfish person I know. Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 03, 2006

Training Day

I hit a new P.R. in the overhead squat with 225lbs to start off my workout. I used a ramp up system of...

5 at 95lbs
3 at 135lbs
2 at 155 lbs
2 at 185 lbs
2 at 195 lbs
1 at 205 lbs
1 at 210 lbs
1 at 215 lbs
1 at 225 lbsp P.R.

I ended with...
100 airsquats
50 ring pushups
30 ghd situps

75 airsquat
30 ring pushups
25 ghd situps

50 airsquats
20 ring pushups
20 ghd situps

The Motley Crue and Aerosmith concert last night with Shari fuckin rocked. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

train hard or die

The pics from a different day cuz I had no photographer for this afternoons workout which was....

500m row
50 pullups
500m row
40 pullups
500m row
30 pullups
500m row
20 pullups
500m row
10 pullups

Caught some pretty decent surf up the coast afterwords. Life is Good mother fucker. yee ha brendan@crossfit.com Posted by Picasa