Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Devotion to punishment

When programing what I do for my workouts I don't just design them day to day. I design them month to month. This allows me to more easily make sense of what I'm doing and how i'm getting there. It's better for progress to see a clear picture of where you've been and where your going.
Keeping a workout log is great, but planning your workouts far in advance in that log is even better.

O.K. this was was yesterday's workout....

5x5 pushpress @180lbs

5x5 backsquat @ 255lbs
superseted with....
5x5 weighted pullups @ 80lbs(hanging dumbell from belt)

Today's workout was....
5x5 deadlift @ 325lbs. Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 26, 2007

Bring the pain

Try out this one.......

21 -18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds of.....

ghd situp
overhead squat (115 lbs)
knees 2 elbows

This is not done for time, its done for strict form and range of motion on the knees 2 elbows and overhead squats and big explosive full range ghd situps.

take a 3 min rest....

row as hard as you can for 1 min
perform strict back ext. for 1 min
row hard 1 min
perform strict hip ext. 1 min
row hard 1 min
perform strict reverse hypers 1 min
row hard 1 min
perform snakey hip/back ext 1 min
row hard 1 min
perform strict weighted hip ext 1 min.( hold a heavy plate at your chest. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Can you take a guess at what happend to me?

After rescueing Shari this morning from her black ice scare I got back to crossfit to delivere some dirty ones...

dirty one #1

multiply your body wt. times 10

Squat thruster that amount in any manner you want. ex......body weight 100 lbs. x 10 = 1000lbs.

You could thuster 10 lbs 100 times or 100 pounds 10 times or 50 pounds 20 times or any other way you want.
follow that up with a max set of pullups and a 400m run.

when you get back rest for 3 min.

repeat with your body wt. x 8

repeat with your body wt. x 6

Dirty one #2. Have to wait till tomorrow sorry. B Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Getting Down

Elite fitness is unbound by limitation.

Try out this workout and tell me what you think....

-Broad jump 50 meters (count how many it takes)
-immediatley perform the same amount of reps in..

-walking lunges
-half body wt. deadlifts
-box jump (24inch box)
-run 1 mile for time
-repeat. (not the mile run).

repeat. (don't repeat the mile) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Channel Yourself

Check this one out........

2oom sprint
30 ghd situps

Time yourself.

Get as many rounds as you can of.......
5 single arm overhead squats L(72bls) shown pictured
5 single arm overhead squats R
10 knees to elblows(strict)
15 back ext......
in the amount of time it took you to complete the sprints and situps.

If you want to become better follow your heart, absorb yourself in your inspirations and believe in yourself.
Train hard.....B Posted by Picasa

Midline Stabilization

Maintaing midline stabilization through full range functional movement is core strength. The overhead squat is the King and the L-sit (shown pictured) is the Queen. These two movements are to midline stabilization what the clean and jerk and snatch are to power. If your looking for an indestructable core you need to throw away your swiss ball drop your pilates class and master these two movements.

A lofty but attainable goal would be to hold yourself in an L position for 3 min straight. Start by timing yourself and counting how many rounds of effort it takes to reach 3 min. It may take 100 but so what. keep trying everyday and work the number down to one. If you master a three minute L-hold your core will be so strong all other movements will seem silly.

With overhead squat what can you do now? I would like to hear. 1/4 bodyweight? 1/2 bodyweight? bodyweight? How about bodyweight 15 times straight?

Here's a filthy one....

One minute of thrusters (95lb barbell)
One minute rest
90 seconds of rowing (concept 2 rower)
Two minutes of rest
repeat 7 rounds totall.

-rest intervals are designed to make you work at your highest intensity during work periods.
-your score is your total reps for thrusters added to your total calories burned on the rower.

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Monday, December 25, 2006


Today Shari and I celebrated with a little run along the cliffs from our house on pleasure point down to Capitola where we hit the stairs for a few sprints. It was more of a casual workout where we didn't push to hard and just had a lot of fun being with eachother and enjoying another beautifull day in our awesome town. I love Shari more than anything on earth and my life has never been as great as it is now with her in it. I wanted to post the picture that had us both in it but she beat me to it. She blogs way better than me......along with tons of other things. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Nasty triplets

Whats up killers?

My workout cycles are Mon-Tues-Weds on Thurs off Fri on and Sat and Sun off. Sometimes if I am to worked for three in a row I take off Wednesday and Hit it up on Thursday and Friday. I have tried many different patterns and I like this one the best. I love to train as hard as I can and put everything I have into it everytime and this system has helped allow me to do that.

I am putting together a crossfit santa cruz clothing line with Brian Kilpatrick who is a friend of mine AND the art director of Oneill surf INC. He is designing some sick artwork and we are both working hard to release the first line of mens and womens apparel and accessories. We will have both workout and casual items with lots of great new crossfit art printed on them. The styles will be flattering and functional.

OK here is a cool workout I did yesterday.....

single arm dumbell snatch-5 Left (80lbs) I should have gone heavier!!!
single arm dumbell snatch-5 right (80lbs)
handstand pushups-5
rope climb-2x 15ft rope(don't touch ground untill both are done)

5 rounds for time

10:30 for me. How bout you? Posted by Picasa